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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have An Evil Cat

You're 75% sure they would kill you if they thought they could.

1. Your cat is constantly trying to steal your food.

2. Yet when you try to give them food to buy their love, they reject you.

3. You can't wear certain items of clothing because your cat has covered them in cat hair.

4. Your cat never lets you take cute pictures with them.

5. And they make it known that they don't like to be picked up.

6. Sometimes your cat just physically harms you.

7. And your cat is no nicer to other cats either.

8. Sometimes your cat will stare at you like they hate you, for no reason whatsoever.

9. Your cat gets weirdly possessive of you.

10. You're a bit afraid they might try to kill you in your sleep.

11. Their actions seem illogical and pointlessly cruel.

12. Your cat is in a constant state of either wanting to be let in, or let out.

13. Your cat's favourite place to sit is directly in front of the TV.

14. Your cat is also very unwelcoming to guests.

15. You have tried to appease your cat with gifts, but they always reject them.

16. Your cat will not tolerate any object staying on any surface.

17. Your cat believes that litter definitely belongs outside the box.

18. Your cat will destroy anything to get what they really want.

19. Your cat doesn't really let you sleep at night.

20. Sometimes they keep you awake by noisily shitting.

21. And for some reason you still love them.