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    21 Very Important Kitten Pictures You Need To See

    Kitten content is the best content.

    1. This excited kitten who is actually slightly terrifying.

    2. These fancy little nappers.

    Taylor Miller

    3. This lil' buddy who is clearly already in charge around here.

    4. The weensy kitten and the bearded man.

    5. This guy who is starting the Christmas traditions early.

    6. The kitten who holds the universe in her eyes.

    7. As well as this wide-eyed kitten who can probably see the future.

    Rose Singer

    8. This itty-bitty baby just enjoying some video games.

    9. And this little thing pretending to be a giant.

    10. The Charger Sentinel who will go to great lengths protecting your charger. / Via

    11. The kitty and the pittie.

    Taylor Miller

    12. And these two siblings who don't really understand their size differences, but are OK with it.

    13. This champion who has found the perfect napping position.

    14. This little guy warming his little feet.

    15. This kitten cuddling with what appears to maybe be a plaintain.

    16. These unlikely best friends.

    17. This kitten who was so excited to have a home, she fell asleep smiling on the car ride.

    18. This little baby returning from her first vet visit.

    19. The ever-so-important Concerned Kitten.

    20. The kitten who was protected by her dog during a thunderstorm.

    21. And finally, this tiny ball of fur who reminded us everything is going to be OK. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

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