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    17 Dogs Who Are Very, Very Patient

    Gotta love 'em.

    1. This guy who doesn't mind being a jungle gym for curious kittens.

    2. This playmate who takes her duties seriously.

    3. This colorful companion who was left with unattended children.

    4. These determined hunters.

    5. This dentist's dog who helps patients stay calm during their visits.

    6. This guy who understands that friendship is about making sacrifices sometimes.

    7. This pal waiting in line for his treat.

    8. And this gentleman showing how well-behaved he can be.

    9. This dog who KNOWS food will be dropped at any moment.

    10. This adorable friend keeping her eyes on the prize.

    11. This shopping companion who complains a lot less than any human might.

    12. This lovely flowered pup.

    13. This big guy who has a lot of love to give.

    14. This little lad who can sacrifice his dignity to make a child happy.

    15. This weenie dog who doesn't mind being a canvas for a young artist.

    16. And this tender lil' pup being so so good!

    17. And finally, this angel waiting ever-so-sweetly for her little kiss!