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    23 Dogs Who Cannot Wait For Christmas

    These dogs are barkin' up the right tree. A Christmas tree, that is.

    1. This pupper who hopes a bone is in one of those boxes:

    2. This doggo who gets mistaken for Santa Claus ALL THE TIME:

    3. These good boys who have some Christmas stories to tell:

    Tumblr: @different-landscapes

    4. This guy who's going to make his Christmas Eve party one to remember:

    5. This pup who's always shouting, "Christmas is in the air!":

    6. These bubs who most certainly did not leave a ~present~ for you under the tree:

    7. This goldie who may have gotten ahead of himself with the Christmas lights:

    8. This tiny lovebug who may or may not have slept by the tree:

    9. This good boy who just finished decorating the tree and is super proud:

    10. This festive doggo who hopes you love the gift he got you:

    11. This pupper who put on his Christmas PJs a little too early:

    12. This pup who's just wondering if they were good enough to get all the treats:

    13. This little guy who's ready for his first sleigh ride:

    14. This munchkin who's darn proud of his very first Christmas tree:

    15. These boys who are making sure the tree is in tip-top shape:

    16. This lil' girl who's been decking the halls with boughs of holly since December first:

    17. This doggo who definitely didn't take a sip of your drink:

    18. This lil' biscuit who's going house to house and handing out treats to all the other good doggos:

    19. This adult pupper who's sure to be the best gift you've ever received:

    20. This pup who's determined to catch Santa coming down the chimney:

    21. This good boy who's tuckered out after playing with his gifts:

    22. This sweet boy who's psyched to help you wrap those presents:

    23. And this good boy, who's going to make sure you have the BEST Christmas breakfast ever:

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