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    18 Dogs Who Will Always Sits Even If They Don't Quite Fits

    And sometimes even when they don't fits.

    1. "What? I fit perfectly."

    2. "It's so nice of you to get me this box!"

    3. "Listen, I'm not even sure how I got in here. But I did, so I'm staying."

    4. "I left the other one open for foods and treats."

    5. "YEP! I can fits! Doin' great over here!"

    6. "It's 'me' size, what can I say?"

    7. "Well, hello there. Welcome to my sink."

    8. "Yes, good."

    9. "You don't need to brush your teeth, trust me."

    10. "I know you got me a new dog bed buuut sometimes the best things are already here!"

    11. "Yeah, I'm THAT guy. You jealous?"

    12. "Nice."

    13. "What? Why WOULDN'T you let me sit here?"

    14. "I, uh, kind of fits."

    15. "If sitting here is wrong, I do not want to be right."

    16. "This is a perfect little rock for my cute little tush."

    17. "Don't you DARE tell me this chair isn't perfect size for my tush!"


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