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    19 Pictures That’ll Make You Want To Go Home And Put Your Cat On Your Head

    The fashion accessory you didn't know you needed. H/T cathats.

    1. So you're probably thinking putting a cat on your head and wearing it as a hat is pretty weird, right?

    2. Well, you'd be wrong. So wrong. Wronger then you've ever been in your entire life.

    3. Because tbh, what could be better than a goddamn CAT HAT?

    4. For one, the cat hat makes a versatile accessory.

    5. This is partly because they can be styled in so many different ways, like this Russian inspired cat hat.

    6. This is actually a cat hairband which doubles as a cat scarf. See, VERSATILITY.

    7. And with a cat hat, you'll never take a bad selfie again.

    8. Not only is the cat hat a versatile accessory to every outfit, it is also bound to increase your cute level.

    9. Cute levels: 100.

    10. Some are cuter than others but whatever.

    11. You're still wearing a goddamn cat hat, which makes you automatically cooler than all of your friends.

    12. This cat hat not only covers the head, but also the ears, cheeks, and possibly chin too.

    13. This makes the cat hat fantastic for the winter months.

    14. You're just lying to yourself if you don't think this looks warm and comfy AF.

    15. There is scientific evidence that a cat hat can improve your concentration levels (probably).

    16. Just look at this woman, who is working hard with her cat hat.

    17. So don't be embarrassed by your cat hat.

    18. Go out and buy yourself one.

    19. And then wander the streets wearing your cat hat with pride.

    God bless the cat hat.

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