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    20 Cats Who Got Called The Fuck Out

    I swear they do this shit on purrpose.

    1. This rebellious flooferton.

    2. And this deceptive lil' guy.

    3. This cat who brought her mom a "snack."

    4. And this cat who got himself a snack.

    5. This lil' snuggler who mourns in very nontraditional ways.

    6. And this playful cutie.

    7. This money-hungry lil' nugget.

    8. And this vengeful blanket-cat.

    9. This furry little single mother.

    10. And this fart-n-sniff fluffball.

    11. This guy who gives new meaning to "added flavor."

    12. And this cat who is a living explanation for where all your hair ties go.

    13. This floof with a very overactive bladder.

    14. This guy who was just trying to schedule some one-on-one time with mom.

    15. And this furball who tap-danced all over dessert.

    16. This devil cat.

    17. And this purr-omaniac.

    18. This cat who drops subtle hints.

    19. This opurra singer.

    20. And finally, this lil' poop-casso.