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    15 Unlikely Animal Friendships That Will Melt Your Frozen Heart

    The snuggle is real.

    1. This horse and goat having a moment:

    giugi_c / Via

    2. This precious pup and piggy love-fest:

    peachesthepiglet / Via

    3. These star-crossed pals:

    melltron / Via

    4. This doggie taking care of his little guinea pig friends:

    piggiesandapitty / Via

    5. These two mis-matched buddies:

    scalyadventures / Via

    6. This rescued raccoon and his doggie brother:

    pumpkintheraccoon / Via

    7. This surf and turf snuggle sesh:

    sweetie_dog123 / Via

    8. This motley bunch:

    wolfgang2242 / Via

    9. This teeny kitten and his faithful protector:

    suzie_and_kushi / Via

    10. This fuzzy wuzzy pile of goodness:

    sysneylove / Via

    11. NBD, just an otter and a dog snuggling.

    lujade / Via

    12. This donkey and goat and their very serious conversation:

    crowncharterfarm / Via

    13. This pup...hugging a SQUIRREL!!!

    dog_and_squirrel / Via

    It's almost too much to take.

    14. This duo that forgot they are not supposed to get along:

    15. And this perfectly sweet nuzzle:

    tdelaby / Via

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