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10 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Sled Hockey

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1. First things first, Sled Hockey is also called "Sledge Hockey" in many parts of the world.

2. Sled hockey was invented in the 1960s in Stockholm by people in a rehab center who wouldn’t let their disabilities keep them from the sport they loved playing.

3. It's played by any athlete who has limited to no use of their lower extremities.

4. Players sit in uniquely constructed sleds that rest on two blades.

5. Because players are closer to the ground, they have to wear a helmet with "a full cage or mask."

6. They also use two sticks instead of one...

7. ...and except for an altered glove and stick, goalies have pretty much the same equipment as the rest of the team.

8. You can get sent to the box for a different kind of penalty on the ice.

9. The U.S. National Sled Team is full of awesome guys...

10. ...and for that reason, the team has won numerous accolades, medals, and games.

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