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15 Delightful Vintage Books That You Need To Read

Dr. Seuss once said, "The more that you read, the more things you will know." And GEICO agrees that knowledge is happiness! If you found these books at your local thrift store, you'd be happier than a bookworm in a library.

1. A book to put a chuckle in your ribs.

2. A book about spreading knowledge near and far.

3. A book that keeps it real.

4. A book for the most important endeavors in life.

5. A book for when you need to make a gutsy statement.

6. A book on appreciating marine wildlife.

7. A delightful read about felines.

8. A book about owning your individuality.

9. A book that will spark delight in everyone.

10. A novel for a quiet afternoon in bed.

11. An informative book about life as we know it.

12. A book on how to find nature in the city.

13. A motivational book to help you strive for the best.

14. An informative map for your everyday needs.

15. A book about what it takes to succeed in life.

And a modern day book with tidbits of advice from a clever gecko.

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It will sure bring you delight!