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12 Scents That Can Literally Improve Your Day

Smells do amazing things to your brain. The right scents can make you feel on top of the world. Feel pure joy every time you catch the scent of Gain.

1. Smelling lavender helps you sleep and decreases stress.

2. A whiff of coffee can make you feel a jolt of energy.

3. Grapefruit's aroma helps increase metabolism.

4. Sniffing peppermint helps you focus.

5. Floral fragrances are linked with happiness.

6. The smell of rosemary helps you remember important things.

7. The smell of cinnamon inspires you to buy things you want.

8. The smell of rain makes you feel calm and pleasant.

9. The scent of freshly cut grass promotes relaxation.

10. The aroma of olive oil makes you feel more satisfied.

11. The smell of ginger root "warms" you.

12. Smelling freshly baked bread actually makes you nicer to strangers.

And the amazing scent of Gain has been proven to give you more joy than listening to your favorite music.