11 Of The World’s Sassiest Animals

Talk to the paw cause the face ain’t listenin’.

1. This Pomeranian who knows she’s fabulous.

2. This fancy tortoise.

3. This leggy bear cub.

If you got it, flaunt it!

4. This chicken who puts her wings in the air like she just don’t care.

Zero clucks given.

5. These flamingos who cannot believe they wore the same outfit.

6. This baby duck who starts every day with a positive mantra.

“You ARE a beautiful duckling!”

7. This cat who loves swaying to her favorite jams.

“Meown’t stop, believing!”

8. This pug in a pug costume.

Very comfortable in her own skin.

9. This squirrel who just loves this purse and wonders where she can buy it.

And by “buy it” she means have this one.

10. This peahen who doesn’t ruffle her feathers over any old peacock.


11. This model-slash-seal pup.

Strike a pose!

12. Remember: sassiness is a by-product of confidence. Use yours responsibly!

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