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15 Dogs Playing With Snow For The First Time

The new-fallen snow just makes them crazy with curiosity. And if you’re crazy about your pets, enter Petco’s #CrazyAboutPets Instagram photo contest. You might win a $500 Petco gift card and a $500 gift card for a rescue!

1. "This cave is my new home. I live here now because it's awesome."

2. "So much fluffy stuff! I want all of it."

3. "Why is it dark? Why is it so dark? Why is it so dark? AHHHHHHHH THIS IS AMAZING."

4. "Surprise! I'm precious."

5. "I am the most chill."

6. "Everything I do out here is even more adorable!!!"

7. "This is even better than the time we destroyed a pile of leaves."

8. "More snow! More! More! I'm surrounded by things I love!"

9. "I want to eat it all. Wait, never mind. Maybe just some of it."

10. "Hey. I love the outside even more than I thought possible."

11. "Get. Me. Out. Of. Here. It's. So. Cold."

12. "I'm so flippin' excited."

13. "Here's a present. It's on my nose."

14. "Never going inside again. Not sorry about it."

15. "You brought me here. You're the best."