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13 Things Your Cell Phone Says About You

We all have them, now it's time to know what they really mean.

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1. If it's bedazzled:


You own more Hello Kitty accessories than you care to admit. The most stressful part of your day is trying to send text messages without your Algebra teacher catching you.

2. If its screen is dirty and the buttons are sticky:


You're a free spirit, and not afraid to get a little wild at times. Or you eat ice cream and play Candy Crush every night.

4. If it takes great action shots:

Nokia / Via Patrick Walsh

You live in the fast lane. Speed is your friend, not your foe. When something goes down, you're going to be the one to catch it.

8. If you don't have room for songs or podcasts or apps because your photo gallery is so full of photos/videos of your cat:

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