10 Absurdities Of The Modern Culture

The world has its fair share of ridiculousness. For more groundbreaking stories from around the globe, tune in to the premiere of VICE this Friday, April 5th on HBO.

1. The world’s most expensive coffee is made from cat poo

ROMEO GACAD / Getty Images

Kopi Luwak—made from faeces of the civet—is the world’s priciest and rarest coffee; a cup will set you back about thirty dollars.

2. Bagel Heads

People create this shocking effect by sitting for hours while saline solution is injected into their foreheads. The swelling goes down after a day, so this practice allows body modification enthusiasts to experiment without the permanence.

3. Penis-snatching panic


An anthropologist reports that a genital-stealing wave and fear is spreading across parts of Africa. Witnesses are claiming that it’s part of an illegal trade of organs, sometimes involving magic channeled through a simple handshake.

4. Human Billboards

Hostgator Dotcom (formerly Billy Gibby) sold the rights to his name in the mid-2000s and continues to tattoo his body with URLs of paying companies.

5. Barbie flu

In southern Ukraine, girls are using plastic surgery and makeup to transform themselves into characters that resemble real-life barbies and anime girls as a way of gaining international attention.

6. Bears getting high


There used to be a simpler time when we only had to worry about grizzlies nabbing picnic baskets, but now some bears in Russia are addicted to aviation fuel, sniffing it until they become unconscious.

7. Otherkin


This is a community of people who identify as mythical beings (e.g., werewolves, elves, fairies) who were born into human bodies. They are largely connected through the internet, brought together by finding a closeness to nature and their feelings of feeling laughed at and marginalized.

8. Dekotora

It started with Japan’s booming shipping industry and popular movie Truck Guys, and these “decorated trucks” have now been embraced by hobbyists. People spend tens of thousands of dollars to cover their trucks in neon lights and elaborate murals, even revamping the interior to create small living quarters.

9. Mormon Lost Boys

Rick Bowmer / AP

The “Lost Boys” are those who have been thrown out of the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints Church because elder men have monopolized all of the eligible young girls. VICE travels to the border between Utah and Arizona to listen to their twisted stories.

10. Juggalos

The FBI released a report calling these fans of Insane Clown Posse a street gang, but when most of them gather together, they do mostly harmless stuff like spray people with Faygo soda.

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