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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Feeling Exhilarated?

GAME ON. See if your senses can withstand the intensity of these eye-popping, mouth-watering, extreme action GIFs, inspired by the best feelings in the world.



Imagine the smell of the mountain air as you jump off.

And fly.

Imagine hitting the crisp waters after a long jump.

Imagine the first mouthful of this delicious chocolate thing.

Now envision a blaze of fireworks behind the Eiffel Tower at midnight.

Now imagine that in COLOR.

Can you smell the pine as you soar through the air on a sunny day?

Maybe you'd rather be smelling the sizzle of french fries?

Is this guy going to land all of these flips?

Is this wakeboarder going to land on this wake?

Imagine a refreshingly cool rain dripping off your fingertips during a moonlit walk.

Now, imagine you're free falling from 10,000 feet.

Now think about catching some air on your skis.

How about smelling some sizzling bacon on a skillet?

Maybe you like the feeling of the surf crashing overhead as you try to outrun it.

Don't look down.

Maybe you like the sight of melty salted caramel on your apples?

Maybe you like the sight of the earth rapidly approaching?

Maybe you like the surprise of something bright and unexpected.

Or maybe you just like the thrill of the unknown.


Do you feel exhilarated?