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The Happiest Dance Crazes Throughout Time

So you've made a Harlem Shake video, and your dad knows how to Gangam Style, but do you remember the dance-crazes of yesteryear? GEICO does! So let's take a boogie down memory lane and reminisce about all the delightful fads. It'll make you happier than Carlton Banks doing the Carlton.

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The Electric Slide


The Electric Slide was created in 1976 by choreographer Ric Silver for Marcia Griffiths' song "Electric Boogie." Soon after, children in middle school dances grooved to this song after awkwardly slow-dancing to Elton John.

Crank That (Superman Dance)

So, how self-aware was Soulja Boi's embrace of "Crank That?" So much so that the song's music video featured other people watching remixes of the dance on YouTube before it broke fad status.

Harlem Shake (2013)


Have you been living under a rock? No? Then you've seen the Harlem Shake videos on YouTube. One person is dancing by themselves, and then everybody else joins in with erratic dancing. You can thank DJ Baauer for this ear worm of a song.

Not to be confused with the Harlem Shake (1981)


Harlem Shake purists will scoff at the new Harlem Shake videos, because they remember the original Harlem Shake introduced by "Al B." This dance became viral through the original YouTube— real life.

Remembering all these dances make us happier than Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot.

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