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Paid PostApr 3, 2013

11 Weird Souvenirs From Europe

For those of you looking for off-the-beaten-path gift ideas, we humbly submit the following treasures from across the pond. Want to find your own bizarro souvenirs first hand? See Europe like you have never seen it with Contiki Tours, the travel and adventure experts for the 18-35 set.

1. ENGLAND: Royal Wedding Tea Towel

Is there a better way to commemorate the Royal Wedding than with an illustrated towel that looks maybe the littlest bit like William and Kate? No. No there is not.

2. ICELAND: Yule Lad "Sheep Worrier" Figurine

There's nothing inappropriate about Yule Lads. The "Sheep Worrier" is perfectly innocent... just like his brethren Sausage Thief, Window Peeper, Doorway Sniffer and Bowl Licker.

3. ITALY: Pinocchio Mask

For the child in your life who loves night terrors.

4. GERMANY: Sexy Lederhosen Apron

Presented without comment.

5. FRANCE: Delicious Mint Candy

If you want to impress that special lady in your life, you can never* go wrong with fancy Parisian candy.

(*almost never)

6. CZECH REPUBLIC: Handcrafted Devil Puppet

Infinitely less scary than Pinocchio, but still an excellent gift for that nephew back home who is not yet afraid of the dark.

7. DENMARK: Troll Dolls

When they're not hoarding treasure, guarding bridges or lurking in chat rooms, trolls make a perfect souvenir!

8. RUSSIA: Pink Ushanka Hat

Because the Soviet Army had a fierce fashionista side, too.

9. BULGARIA: Soviet Gas Mask, "Never Used!" (Yet)

Nothing says "exciting trip to Sofia" better than this lovely forget-me-not, fresh off the assembly line at the Nightmare Factory.

10. IRELAND: "RMS Titanic - Captain's Little Helper" Shirt

Here's a fact for you: If you were an Irish child aboard the Titanic, 1912 was probably a pretty bad year for you. (Although if this shirt is historically accurate, that explains a thing or two.)

11. HOLLAND: Weed Boxers

Because, classy.