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The 20 Best Places To Take A Selfie

Explore your vainer side and take a better selfie in these tried and true locations. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. At the zoo

2. At take your daughter to work day

3. On set

4. In the back of the Snoop Wagon

5. In 'Murica

6. In a public restroom

7. Courtside

8. At the Taj Mahal

9. In the bathroom

10. On Mars

11. At the bottom of the ocean

12. At Grandmom's house

13. At the Whitehouse

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14. At the ballgame

15. On the subway

16. In the men's locker room


That's enough muscle milk, grandpa.

17. At the premiere, by your poster

18. On the red carpet

19. In Walmart, by the blinds

20. In the hospital

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