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This Pet Store Surprised Shoppers By Replacing Animals For Sale With Pets Up For Adoption

"What do you mean for free?"

The Brazilian organization Quatro Patinhas, or Four Paws, recently set up program called Priceless Pets.

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"There are thousands of animal shelters in Brazil. And most of them are overcrowded," Priceless Pets wrote on their site. "We believe there's no difference between purebred animals and shelter animals."

To prove their point, the employees of a Brazilian pet store chain called American Pet hid cameras all around the store.

And then they waited for customers try and buy one of the "purebred" animals in the store...

...Only to tell them that the animal they picked out was actually up for adoption and free.

The video then shows multiple people discovering the pet they wanted to pick out is actually an animal that's up for adoption that they can take home for free.

Which is, of course, a pretty great surprise.

Four Paws said it intends to bring the program to 41 pet shops they operate. Which means a lot more happily surprised pet owners.