Let’s All Take A Minute To Admire Luke Skywalker’s Awesome Beard

Return of the whiskers.

1. So Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, has grown an absolutely wonderful beard.

Anthony Harvey / Getty

2. Just look at it. So smouldering, so intense, so Jedi.

3. It didn't seem possible, but Luke Skywalker just got even cooler.

4. Obviously the Jedi-Knight-with-a-beard look has been perfected before.

5. But Hamill is really making the look his own right now.

Anthony Harvey / Getty

6. Lando looks pretty impressed.

How does he look younger than me??? It's not fair! @realbdw #SWW2014 #StarWarsWeekends #DisneyWorld

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself)

7. In July, he jokingly told BBC presenter Lizo Mzimba at the London premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy that he had been made to grow a “contractually obligated beard” for the new Star Wars movie, which is currently being filmed.

Tim P. Whitby / Getty

Tim P. Whitby / Getty


8. His family appear to be fans of the new look.

Jonathan Short/Invision / AP

10. Don't hide it from us, Hamill! YOU TEASE!

Tim P. Whitby / Getty

Tim P. Whitby / Getty


11. In conclusion: Luke Skywalker + a beard = so much awesomeness.

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