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    18 Ways To Make Sure Tomorrow Is Better Than Today

    Having a bad day? Cheer up! Here are some tips to help you navigate the remainder of the week.

    1. Make Ice Cube Popsicles, Eat Them For Breakfast / Via

    Use leftover juice or yogurt to make an ice cube tray full of popsicles overnight. Start your day with a healthy treat that's more fun than your usual bowl of oatmeal.

    2. Use Cute Incentive Sites To Complete Your Work / Via

    Got a paper to write? Use Written? Kitten!, a writing aid that rewards you with kitten pictures. Don't like kittens? (YOU MONSTER.) Use the puppy version. Majoring in math? Use Problem Set? Marmoset!

    3. Organize Your Books Chromatically / Via

    Because your house is happier when it has more rainbows in it.

    4. Surprise People With Cupcakes / Via

    One of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to do something nice for other people. Bake cupcakes for your co-workers or classmates and surprise them with treats at lunchtime.

    5. Pre-Heat Or Pre-Cool Your Favorite Socks / Via

    Is it hot outside? Is the AC broken? Stick a clean pair of socks in a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator overnight. If it's cold, run your socks through the dryer or leave them near the radiator. Brave the commute to work with prepared feet.

    6. Make Homemade Soap Bubbles / Via

    Grab some dishwashing soap and make lots of bubbles. Here's a list of bubble solution recipes for you to play around with.

    7. Start A Spare Change Jar / Via

    Is there something you really want and can't afford? Start a spare change jar and be one step closer to your goal. Nothing you really want? Set up a donation fund for a worthy charity and know that you're saving up to do some good.

    8. Learn New Words / Via

    Pick up a dictionary and point to a random word. Learn it. Alternatively, check out vocabulary sites like Oxford's Save the Words. Congratulations, you are at least one word smarter than you were yesterday.

    9. Glue Googly Eyes To Inanimate Objects / Via

    Get yourself a bag of googly eyes from the craft store, glue them to inanimate objects, then proceed to forget about them. Be surprised and laugh whenever you discover these items again.

    10. Send Yourself A Postcard


    Send yourself a postcard explaining all the things you've accomplished lately. Tell your future self why you deserve to be happy today. Bonus advice: use cat face postcards for optimum effect.

    11. Fill A Room With Balloons / Via Flickr: natematias

    Try not to smile in a room filled with balloons, I dare you. Maybe your new balloon room is the prelude to a really awesome party.

    12. Learn How To Find Four-Leaf Clovers / Via

    Pro-tips: Four-leafers are often slightly lighter in color than the surrounding three-leafers. The real trick to finding lots of four-leaf clovers is finding one; follow the clover's runner to find more. The genetics that produced that single clover are shared by the entire plant.

    13. Treat Yourself To A Surreal Compliment

    14. Re-Read Your Favorite Childhood Book / Via Flickr: gdewar

    It cheered you up as a kid. Maybe you haven't cracked it open in a long time. Now's the time to do it.

    15. Put Up A Bird Feeder / Via

    Whether it's a DYI job or a feeder you bought at the local hardware store, put it in a spot where you can enjoy your new feathered friends every morning.

    16. Save Seeds, Plant Them In Newspaper Pots / Via

    Recycle your old newspapers by turning them into starter pots for seedlings. Save seeds from cooking or just collect some from outside. Plant, water, and watch your new housemates grow! Bonus tip: planting herbs and veggies will facilitate yummy future cooking endeavors. You can find newspaper pot instructions here.

    17. Put Faces On Your Food / Via

    It is a proven fact that consuming a happy pancake will make you at least 50% happier than you were before breakfast.

    18. Watch Youtube Videos Of Babies Laughing

    View this video on YouTube

    Five minutes of a baby laughing hysterically is five minutes of assured happiness.

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