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12 Fun Ways To Revamp The Outside Of Your House

Spring is here, so out with the old and in with the new! Your digs may look a little drab from the winter, but don't fret. Using BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA®, the original Paint & Primer in One is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to update the look and feel of your home. Here are DIY projects that can give you a unique outdoor living space.

1. Find a nice accent color to paint the trim of your windows and your door.

Shutterstock/ RTimages

A little accent color goes a long way!

2. Dangling pots are a quirky way to showcase your plants.

3. A nice coat of paint can turn a shabby playhouse into looking brand new!

Get instructions here.

With BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA® Paint & Primer in One, you can get the painting done in half the time with their paint and primer combo. Now you can spend more time admiring your great work.

4. Turn your swingset into a garden!

hairbytiph / Via

5. Or just add a swing bed to your porch.

6. An easy way to make your day bright? Spray paint rubber mats with neon colors.

Shutterstock/ mikeledray

7. Re-cycle your bicycle as a garden piece.

Shutterstock/ nneiole

Who says your antique bike can't be put to use? Your backyard can have a whimsical flair with a bicycle garden.

8. Add some tranquility by making your own zen garden.

Shutterstock/ Videowokart

9. Make your own fire pit for summer nights.

10. Literally any piece of yard furniture can be made with an old pallet.

Shutterstock/ Pablo Rogat

They are very versatile!

Instructions for pallet bench here.

11. Yes, even a pallet swing.

12. And never underestimate the power of creative flower arrangement in your garden.

Shutterstock/ jeep2499

Unique arrangements can make your garden go from drab to fab.