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10 Feelings All NYC Girls Have At Least Once

Let's be real, ladies: We all share the same hardships. Make sure to tune in to the season three premiere of Girls at 10 p.m. Sunday, January 12 on HBO.

1. Burning jealousy over the exposed brick wall in your friend's apartment.

2. Crippling insecurity at that fancy gym you can't afford filled with models.

3. Extraordinary anger when your friend tells you her job pays for her MetroCard.

4. Zero shame for wearing bike shorts under all of your dresses.

5. Unbelievable disdain for girls who go to clubs in the winter in bandage dresses, stacked heels, and no tights.

6. Sinking defeat when you accept that the creepy guy on your block will always holler at you, and your cute neighbor will never even look you in the eyes.

7. Unreasonable joy when you find a place to get a cheap blowout.

8. Extreme embarrassment when you realize your cab driver probably thinks the conversation you've been having with your friend is repulsive.

9. Incredible pain when you figure out that the man who stops you in the street to compliment your hair only wants to lure you into a $200 haircut.

10. Insane fury when your makeup slowly melts off in the subway to reveal all your pimples.

Undeniable acceptance that your life is an episode of Girls.