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16 People Who Really Know How To Take A Summer Photo

Their hands may have been slippery from sunscreen, but they still got the shot. This summer, cool down with a Starbucks Frappuccino®, and capture the moments that are worth reliving the rest of the year.

1. The aquatic artist behind this pic:

2. Whoever bridged this visionary gap:

3. Whoever found this spout:

4. This street photographer:

5. The team behind this sparkly stage combat:

6. Whoever thought looking backwards would make them less dizzy:

7. He who found Mars on Earth:

8. This owner of a really nice, probably expensive underwater camera:

9. Whoever nabbed this weekend getaway:

10. The photographer who planned their shot down to the second of daylight:

11. The owner of this sporty pup:

12. Whoever caught this romantic encounter:

13. Whoever caught these guys off guard:

14. This early riser:

15. This fella's best friend:

16. And the lucky person whose day ended like this: