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12 Times TLC Redefined Fashion In The '90s

Sure, they wore condoms on their clothes, but TLC's mind-blowing fashion didn't stop there. Check out some of their best looks and watch their story unfold in CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, only on VH1.

1. All those times Left Eye wore a giant vinyl hat.

2. And Chilli layered her oversized t-shirts.

3. That time they truly owned the cropped pant look.

4. That time they made DIY denim look tough.

5. That time they truly cemented the baggy overalls status as a '90s must-have.

6. That time they combined lace(s) and boots in the most comfortable way ever.

7. All those times they made baggy matching outfits look incredibly sexy.

8. Even when they were made of shiny taffeta.

9. That time they brought black and white checks to the masses.

10. That time they made oval sunglasses actually look cool.

11. That time they fearlessly draped themselves in velour and fur.

12. And that time they reminded us that fashion should always be fun.

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Inspired by CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story premiering October 21st, 9/8C on VH1.