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11 Signs Snowboarding Is Impossible

Why does it have to look so cool?! Admit it: You've all tried and failed at snowboarding. Unless you're part of a very select few, in which case, the rest of us are very jealous. Brought to you by Verizon.

1. To snowboard, you pretty much have to forget everything you ever learned about moving from point A to point B.

2. Sure, it looks easy, but it's a lot more than just sliding yourself along the snow.

3. Like, who voluntarily hurls themselves down a steep slope with zero regard for life and limb?

4. Ever wonder why snowboarders wear helmets? Yeah. There's probably a good reason for it.

5. Did you take gymnastics when you were younger? Remember how hard that was?!

6. And remember what a disaster it was when you tried to ride a skateboard for the first time back in middle school?

7. Quick, see how long you can balance on your left leg. Pretty tough, huh?

8. You should also probably be cool with very. Sudden. Stops.

9. You're not allowed to have any fear of heights whatsoever.

10. Street skills in other sports aren't quite the same as street skills in snowboarding...

...i.e. It's a lot more difficult.

11. Yeah. Snowboarding is pretty much impossible. Props to those brave souls who actually enjoy this.