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11 Reasons Figure Skating Is The Most Magical Thing On Earth

No words. Should've... sent.... a poet. Figure skating is incredible, so make sure you don’t miss a single, beautiful second this winter. Brought to you by Verizon.

1. Figure skating is an elegant battle between sharp blades and smooth ice.

2. It's literally breathtaking.

3. As the moves get more complex, you almost forget that they're sliding on a practically frictionless surface.

KNCA / CC / Via

Seriously, have you ever met ice? It's the worst.

4. The spray from the ice adds flair to an already impressive routine.

5. And the sound of thin metal slicing through solid ice is straight-up poetry.

6. Because the precision involved with every inch of movement is mind-blowing.

7. The lights make every move look so darn dramatic.

8. But sometimes it's fun to watch them just bust a move.

KCNA / CC / Via

It's called "getting served."

9. They have so much confidence. Skaters can wear business pants, and nobody will judge them.

KCNA / CC / Via

Except for the judges.

10. Time travel hasn't been invented, but it'll most likely require people to spin like this.

Moramorita / CC / Via

11. If figure skating gives you nothing else, at least it'll teach you how to exit a room in style.

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