90 Things You Haven’t Thought About Since The ’90s

As IF you’ve actually had any of these details of the decade on your brain anytime recently! Tune in to the National Geographic Channel for the three-night event — The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? — to get your memory jogging, continuing tonight at 9/8c.

1. When Whitney Houston closes and opens her eyes again, it can start to snow
2. Rockapella
3. The fact that Chuckie Lee Torkelson and Minkus are the same person
4. Your nightmares induced by Quicksilver on Are You Afraid of the Dark?
5. Jenny Jones
6. Kevin and Julie breaking down The Real World wall and arguing in the street
7. No Fear
8. Modem crinkles followed immediately by “You’ve Got Mail”
9. Your method for removing the plastic seal with the artist info from your new CD
10. Steve from “Dream Phone”
11. Crash Test Dummies (from car accident commercials, named Vince and Larry)
12. Crash Test Dummies (from the radio)
13. Panic over your Tamagotchi potentially starving
14. Cindy Crawford’s workout tape
15. “SCHWING!”
16. The H.O.R.D.E. Tour
17. Heaven’s Gate
18. Unboxing your N64
19. How sore your arms were after pumping up your Super Soaker
20. “Donna Martin Graduates!”
21. Condoms in place of eyeglass lenses
22. “Pump Up the Jam”
23. Tonya Harding’s “No Comment” sweatshirt
24. The color of Jordan Catalano’s eyes
25. Print Shop
26. “Shiny Happy People”
27. KB Toys
28. Surge
29. Zima
30. “The Annexation of Puerto Rico”

Dave Lewis / Rex USA


Wikimedia Commons / de.wikipedia.org


31. The bee girl from Blind Melon’s “No Rain” video
32. Mikhail Gorbachev’s Pizza Hut commercial
33. Dolly, the cloned sheep
34. Dunkaroos
35. Yak Baks
36. How confused you were when there was a new Aunt Viv
37. Gap’s swing dance commercials
38. Diddy Kong
39. Monica Lewinsky’s beret
40. Janet Jackson’s Rolling Stone cover
41. How the scent of CK One was so strong, it lasted all day, every day
42. Animorphs
43. “I’m so excited… I’m so… I’m so… SCARED.”
44. Purple ketchup
45. The Attack Pack
46. How much Kel loves orange soda
47. Wearing bandanas bows forward
48. Gwen Stefani’s braces
49. Mr. Sketch
50. The differences between the four Alanis Morissettes riding in that car
51. Sheneneh
52. The sheer loudness of the last four beats of the MTV News intro sequence
53. Ewan McGregor emerging from a toilet
54. The sheen of your Umbro shorts
55. Vanilla Ice’s Cool As Ice
56. How much your feet hurt before you broke in your Adidas sandals
57. Fire Marshall Bill
58. Wondering how a mosquito in a block of amber magically could make dinosaurs come back
59. The nickname “Preppie”
60. What color your Hypercolor turned in direct sunlight

Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection

Jayson Trevino / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: orijinal

Joe Goldberg / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: goldberg


61. How mindboggled you were when Weezer somehow ended up in a real episode of Happy Days
62. Where your bucket hat is hiding
63. The red plastic rectangle for your Handi-Snacks cheese
64. Lester the Lab Rat
65. “Call me now for your free reading!”
66. Button Your Fly
67. How great Muggsy Bogues looked in turquoise and violet
68. Pogs
69. The lady in orange hot shorts leading the Macarena
70. The smiley angel face on Quinn Morgendorffer’s pink T-shirt
71. Wearing your pants backwards, but forwards
72. Andre Rison’s house burning down because of a pair of sneakers
73. “You, and me, and five bucks.”
74. Your wallet chain
75. Polly Pocket
76. How awesome you looked in sneakers with light-up soles
77. He goes by Jay Kay – his name isn’t actually Jamiroquai
78. Devil Sticks
79. How sore your hand was from holding the very very outside border of your CD so it wouldn’t get scratched
80. “You play ball like a GIRL!”
81. Peanut butter and jelly swirled together in a single jar
83. How much Kerri Strug’s ankle hurt on that gold medal landing
84. Snowflake the Dolphin
85. Which athletes and anchors were in the “Only Wanna Be With You” music video
86. The frustration of your favorite Gelly Roll pen running out of ink
87. Ben Stiller’s first attempts at dramatic acting
88. Gak
89. Jewel’s book of poetry
90. “Finish Him.”

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