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13 Quirky Facts About Massachusetts That You Probably Never Knew

Massachusetts, you're wild. Check out all of our unique finds from The Bay State during our MINI NOT NORMAL Road Trip.

1. Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts.

2. It's illegal to make clam chowder with tomatoes in Massachusetts.

3. Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William Morgan in Holyoke, Mass.

4. Massachussetts actually has a state polka, it's called "Say Hello To Someone From Massachusetts".

5. The official state dessert of Massachusetts is Boston cream pie.

6. The first subway system in the US was actually in Boston and not NYC.

7. Whirlwind I, the world's first computer that operated in real-time, was invented at MIT.

8. There is a state law that forbids snoring unless all of your doors and windows are locked.

9. This is a fig newton. It is delicious.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not named after this guy.

But it WAS named after Newton, Massachusetts.

10. Have a thing for greenery? Boston Common was the first public park in America.

11. Goatees are illegal unless you pay a special license fee to wear one in public.

12. The first Dunkin Donuts ever was opened in Quincy, Massachusetts.

13. The Boston Terrier is the official state dog. D'aww!


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