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14 Things All New Englanders Own

Once a New Englander, always a New Englander. You DO carry your own jug of maple syrup in your L.L.Bean backpack, right?

1. Lobster crackers.

2. Real maple syrup.

3. 4-wheel drive.

4. Plenty of buckets for blueberry picking.

5. A friend with a boat.

6. A really good camera.

7. A good pair of hiking boots.

8. A massive snow shovel.

9. A really good fishing pole.

10. A comfortable chair for all the sports championships you’ve watched.

11. A REALLY good cribbage board.

12. One of these in your wardrobe:

13. A quality bottle opener for all the local beer you drink.

14. Flannel everything.

And this backpack.