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Paid PostPosted on Aug 1, 2014

14 Things All New Englanders Own

Once a New Englander, always a New Englander. You DO carry your own jug of maple syrup in your L.L.Bean backpack, right?

1. Lobster crackers.


Only fourth to the fork, knife, and spoon.

2. Real maple syrup.


Maple FLAVORED syrup? Yeah right.

3. 4-wheel drive.


As far as the landscape goes, New England has a little of everything. You never know where you're gonna end up!

4. Plenty of buckets for blueberry picking.


Mmmmmm. Super fresh!

5. A friend with a boat.


Or at least a friend with a kayak.

6. A really good camera.


Because your neighbors won't BELIEVE the size of the moose you saw in the backyard last week.

7. A good pair of hiking boots.


Because the rain, sleet, or snow can't stop you from going out and having fun.

8. A massive snow shovel.


10 inches of snow? That's nothing.

9. A really good fishing pole. / Via

And a relaxing, secret lake spot just to yourself.

10. A comfortable chair for all the sports championships you’ve watched.


You never miss a game... or a chance to tailgate!

11. A REALLY good cribbage board.

Joel Sartore / Getty Images

Portable fun!

12. One of these in your wardrobe:


Every household has one.

13. A quality bottle opener for all the local beer you drink.


So many breweries, so little time.

14. Flannel everything.

Incase/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: goincase

It's your uniform!

And this backpack.

CHELSEAJO2194 / Via Instagram: @chelseajo2194

It just doesn't get more New England than an L.L. Bean backpack!