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12 Apps You've Gotta Have If You're Always Traveling

Your smartphone just got a lot more cultured. When you're traveling, you should be relaxed, restful, and definitely happy. Read up on how to live the good life while on the road with Hyatt.

1. When you want to know how much cash to pack.

Currency is a sleekly simple solution to tracking ever-changing currency costs. With a built-in convertor that works with over 160 forms of currency and a live chart to keep track of international changes, Currency does everything you'd expect it to. And a little more.

2. When you need to make sure you don't forget your flip-flops.

Fun fact: Packing is the worst. Odds are you're gonna forget some "Very Important" article of clothing and spend at least half an hour searching your hotel room for that sweater you swore you packed. So just download PackingPro and make sure that never happens again. Never again.

3. When you want to double-check that your flight's on time.

You rush to the airport, you've got five minutes 'till your flight takes off, you run through the terminal, drenched in sweat, narrowly reach your gate,'re delayed. For five hours. Boo. FlightTrack is an easy way to keep one eye on the sky -- and your impending flight -- wherever you are.

4. When you have to make a mad dash to the airport.

There are few constants in life. If you forget your umbrella, it's gonna rain. If you need a cab, like, right now, you aren't gonna find one. Hailo is a handy dandy workaround that brings cabs to you, and even lets you pay straight from your phone.

5. When you want to stave off boredom during your layover.

Got a couple hours to kill and don't want to spend 'em counting the tiles on the terminal floor? Then download Plants Vs. Zombies 2: About Time and take out your boredom-induced aggression on wave after wave of slackjawed undead. Groovy.

6. When all you need is a quick slice in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

When it's time to grab some cheap grub on the fly, what's better than pizza? This app acts as a Pizza Compass, pointing a slice directly at your nearest pizza joint. No matter where you are. Great for those sneak attack 'za cravings.

7. When you want to know where your ride is.

Whether you're waiting on a friend to snag you from the airport or a business associate to drop you off at your next big meeting, Twist is an excellent way to find out where your ride is, and just how long they'll be.

8. When you want to brush up on the local jargon.

So maybe you aren't a walking Rosetta stone just yet. Yeah? So? And? TripLingo lets you learn the important stuff, like oft-used phrases, greetings, and street slang, all from a slick, user-friendly interface.

9. When you're trying to find your way around town.

Getting lost on a foreign public transportation system isn't the most fun way to spend your trip. And who knows the tubes and trains better than the locals? MoovIt is an excellent tool for finding out what goes where, but it's community-based nature is what really makes it shine.

10. When you want to experience some local flavor.

There's only so much you can learn about a city's local life by skimming "Best Of" lists on Yelp. Wikitude is a neat augmented reality app that turns your phone's camera into a lens that peeks into your immediate area's most popular attractions and accommodations.

11. When you get stumped by a foreign street sign.

It probably goes without saying, but guesswork isn't the best way to navigate foreign city streets. Just point WordLens at a sign you don't understand and it'll translate it on the fly into the language of your choice, just like that.

12. When you want to send some love back home.

What if you could snap a snazzy Instagram, slap it on a postcard, and send it off to your friends and family's real, physical mailboxes? Say hello to Postagram, the best of both worlds.