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17 Delightful Ways To Make Your Book Collection More Interesting

Books are meant to be read, and displayed beautifully. A great bookcase is super delightful, just like GEICO customer service. Get ready for some literary eye candy.

1. Books are for super heroes...

Riding on a comet / Via Flickr: ridingonacomet

2. And space heroes too!

WhittledInWood / Via

This amazing bookcase is made by Whittled In Wood.

3. No room for all your books? Utilize every nook and cranny. Like under the stairs.

hbyr / Via Flickr: hbuzacott

4. Seriously. If you have open wall space, put a book on it.

REX USA/Ming Tang-Evans / Rex

5. They don't even have to be placed right side up.

Zifeng / Via

6. For those who are overwhelmed by the thought of a book wall, how about a floating book shelf?

Smart Furniture / Via!3691!3!14283132746!!!g!18500979626!&ef_id=UgmoAQAAAeFAWymy:20130813033106:s

The perfect minimalistic illusion for your abode.

7. Or for something quirkier, try a spiral bookcase.

briannakufa / Via

8. A simple DIY bookcase can be made with a ladder and some wood planks.

tycinda / Via

Show that off on Pinterest!

9. Book lovers never go to bed alone.

KnotsandBiscuits / Via

10. Books are boatloads of fun.

Wendy Harman / Via Flickr: quirky

11. Yes, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

kirandulo / Via Flickr: kirandulo

12. With this shelf, you can read under a tree anytime you want!

G&F / Via

13. You can even make yourself a literal book tree.

mundanefairy / Via

14. Here's a fun way to alphabetize your collection.

Kayiwa / Via

15. Let's not go about this in a roundabout way. Books are awesome.

REX USA/Ray Tang / Rex

16. Love books AND cats? Why not have a place for both?

Urban Cat Design / Via
Urban Cat Design / Via

17. And if you don't really have books (or you're an e-reader type of person), just use your shelves for cats.

Rikki's Refuge / Via Flickr: rikkis_refuge

If you display your books with pride, you'll be happier than a camel on Wednesday.

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