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10 Roads You Need To Drive On Once In Your Life

There's nothing like a relaxing Sunday drive. Well, almost nothing. If you're looking for a bit more of a thrilling drive, these are the roads that'll help you do it. Explore new places in the Toyota Corolla.

1. Atlanterhavsveien, Norway


The Atlantic Ocean Road may look like something you'd build in Rollercoaster Tycoon as a way to punish rude guests, but it's actually very safe and consistently ranks as one of the most scenic roads in the world.

2. Road to Hana, Maui, USA


We all know exploring a jungle ain't easy. But what if you could do it from the comfort of your own car? With Maui's "Road to Hana," you can drive through the jungle while looking at the near-crystal-clear water on your other side.

3. Dades Gorge Road, Morocco

Rosino / Via Flickr: rosino

If you find yourself in the Sahara Desert (or thereabouts), you'd best take a drive up the High Atlas Mountains and check the sights that come with 1600-foot tall cliffs and a road that sometimes weaves through 30-foot-wide fissures. Just make sure you have the A/C on full blast.

4. Guoliang Tunnel, China


A project begun by just 13 villagers back in 1972, the 16' x 13' tunnel was carved into the side of a mountain because the residents of Guoliang Village desperately wanted to connect their town with the outside world. Though the tunnel is less than a mile long, driving through it feels like navigating a mine train.

5. Passo dello Stelvio, Italy

janebelindasmith / Via Flickr: near_fantastica

Although Stelvio Pass isn't technically the highest paved mountain pass in the Alps (the Col de I'lersan takes the gold), it holds a strong second at 9045 feet, and boasts a much crazier route—that is, if zigzagging across the Italian Alps is your thing. (Hint: it is.)

6. Ebenezer Place, Scotland


Oh, you don't have time to be weaving across dozens and dozens of miles of roads hundreds of miles in the air, you say? Then why not check out Ebenezer Place—the world's shortest street, at just six feet and nine inches long. You'll save plenty of money on gas and still get the bragging rights of "exploring" a world record.

7. Halsema Highway, Philippines


Halsema Highway puts the "high" in "highway" because it's the highest there is in the Philippines. It wraps around nearly 100 miles of mountains and typically takes about six hours to go from end to end.

8. 9 de Julio Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Constructed to honor Argentinian independence, this avenue's largesse—at an astounding nine lanes wide, the widest in the world—is as symbolic for that day as it is at reducing congestion.

9. Lombard Street, San Francisco, USA

Sean O'Shaughnessy / Via Flickr: seanosh

Looking for a road that's a bit more domestic? Lombard St. will have you bouncing like a pinball, except way more scenic. The speed limit on this bad boy is just 5 mph because of its steep decline—but don't worry, that part's only about a quarter of a mile long.

10. Eyre Highway, Australia

Takver / Via Flickr: 81043308@N00

Ever felt like you needed to get out and just… drive? Well, the Eyre Highway may be just what you're in search of: instead of featuring crazy curves or being at a crazy height, it's just crazy straight. It traverses the Nullarbor Plain and features a 91.1-mile-long stretch that never turns. Hit it.