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16 Photos You'd Never Believe Were Taken In New York City

Don't be mistaken — this concrete jungle has some real jungle too. Check out what two BuzzFeeders were able to find with just two days, five boroughs, and one Canon PowerShot camera.

1. This is not Penn Station at rush hour.

2. This is not an Irish pub in Hell's Kitchen.

3. This is not your friend's art installation in SoHo.

4. This is not the subway track, and you do not need to lean over to see if the train is coming.

5. This is not "cash only."

6. This is not a Law & Order shoot.

7. This is not the Barclays Center.

8. This is not drunk brunch.

9. This is not the Rockefeller Center ice rink, and your cousin is not visiting for the holidays.

10. This is not the studio apartment that your broker completely lied about.

11. This is not the overpriced spin studio that you'll never be able to afford.

12. This is not a warehouse party.

13. This is not Gray's Papaya.

14. This is not the security line at LaGuardia.

15. This is not the billboard for Mamma Mia!

16. This is not a double-decker tour bus in the bike lane.

Photos by Aubree Lennon & Ryan Hynes / ©BuzzFeed