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6 Steps To Having The Blanket Fort Movie Night Of Your Dreams

Movie night is awesome. Movie night in a blanket fort is ridiculously awesome. Make your blanket fort movie night even more awesome with SkinnyPop Popcorn.

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While your bedroom is a prime, cozy choice, the living space is always classic. Clear your area considering how many people you’re inviting into your super-private grown-up movie fort. If you’ve got a TV, consider building around that.

Forts are not just childs play; theres legit engineering involved! Pick out anchors for the walls and structure of your fort, bringing in chairs or other furniture as you please. Then lay down your base blanket.

An eclectic bunch of blankets, sleeping bags, throws, and pillows makes for an authentic blanket fort feel, so play with patterns and texture*, and string up some lights for some killer ambience.

*meaning throw literally any and every cozy thing in your home in that sucker

Photos by Stone/Lennon © BuzzFeed

There’s always a reason to have a little fun. Take partytime a step further with a blanket fort packed with pillows, movies, and SkinnyPop Popcorn!

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