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15 Signs You're Completely Useless Without Technology

When phones fail, the world is an unfamiliar place. Use the Canon PIXMA before you're forced into a digital detox.

1. This is the face you're most happy to see:

grendelkhan (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: grendelkhan

A sight for sore eyes and low batteries.

2. If your phone died right now, you'd know only a couple phone numbers from memory...

Thanks, Computer! Productions / Via

Your parent's landline and that one friend from elementary school.

3. ...and your sense of direction would go out the window.

Chris Hamby (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: chrishamby

"West is always left, right?"

4. Without search engines at your fingertips, you wouldn't have the patience to settle petty arguments.

LifeAccordingToJimmy / / Via

How do you CTRL + F a book?

5. You've completely forgotten how to mail something IRL.


What's the file size limit for a real-life package?

6. Let's face it: The only cursive you remember from third grade are the letters in your signature...

Universal Studios Home Video / Via

And even those are mostly nonsensical squiggles.

7. ...and you've long since given up on spelling anything right the first time.


Autocorrect never fai;s.

8. When someone leaves your table at a restaurant, you instantly bury yourself in your phone to avoid an unbearable minute of sitting alone in public...

Paramount Home Entertainment / Via

"Well, better check my Accessibility settings."

9. You're literally (and figuratively) powerless when the speech you're reading on your tablet freezes.

Soalric Parker (CC BY 3.0) / Via

"And, uh — so, as I was, um, saying..."

10. ...and you never feel more naked than when you forget it at home.


Even when you're actually naked.

11. You've left the bathroom only to return with your phone because it isn't worth it otherwise.

BuzzFeed Video / Via

You know how boring it is without it.

12. Whenever you move to a new place without internet, this is the most heartbreaking thing you can see...

Aaron Parecki (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: aaronpk

Until the ISP technician comes, anyway.

13. ...because you literally have no idea what to do with yourself without Wi-Fi.



14. You've had nightmares of your phone dying right when you were going to show your mobile boarding pass at the airport gate.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / Via

😱 😱 😱

15. Finally, you've forgotten what it's like to share a photo album with someone without nervously checking over their shoulder.


"Swipe right! SWIPE RIGHT!"

Sooner or later, you're gonna wish you had a hard copy instead. For all the times you can't trust your phone, there's the Canon PIXMA printer.