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12 Reasons Marathon Training Is Like Being In A Long-Term Relationship

Training is hard, but it's so worth it! Bust a sweat and have a blast by participating in the Rock 'n' Roll Marathons with GEICO. Find a location near you.

1. Runner's high gives you endorphins…just like being in love. / Via

That rush of joy is such a good feeling.

2. Pretty much all of your free time goes to it.


When you're not working, eating, or're running. Or thinking about running. Or resting to try to recover from running. Running is your bae.

3. Some people think you're foolish to try.


Instead of asking, "Why be in a relationship? Most marriages fail!" they would say, "What? Are you crazy? Why would you even want to run over 26 miles?"

4. But other people are really impressed with the commitment you’re putting toward training.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

You + running = #relationshipgoals.

5. Speaking of which, it is a commitment. One day of cheating, and it can all fall apart.

Courtesy of James Lamon

Resist temptation and stay strong!

6. You can also use it as an excuse if you don't want to go out.


That's right. It's the perfect excuse to skip out on that party you didn't really want to go to.

7. Through the process, you begin to learn so much about yourself.


Training for a marathon is a great time for mindfulness and self-reflection.

8. Like being in a relationship, training for a marathon is full of uphills, downhills, and flat stretches too.


It's not always going to be great. Nobody said it was easy. But that's part of the journey!

9. Believe it or not, you're going to use your phone even more.

Courtesy of James Lamon

But instead of your S.O. blowing up your phone, it's all the running apps and notifications you have set up.

10. You'll discover strengths within you that you never thought were possible.


Running over 26 miles is no joke! And all your training will help you know your limits, help you manage time better, and really jump-start your perseverance.

11. Over time, you grow more confident and learn to be yourself!

Bravo / Via

In a relationship, that's wearing a ratty T-shirt and not caring what your partner thinks.

When training for a marathon, that's not caring that you're mad sweaty and exhausted after a long evening run. Your sweat is your badge of pride.

12. And yeah, you get bragging rights.

BuzzFeed Violet /

"Yes! I finished my first marathon!" is your "Happy anniversary, boo. Luv you!"

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