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10 Overnight Oats Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make

For those on the go, you may not have the time to make an elaborate breakfast. The beautiful thing about Overnight Oats is it only takes oats, milk, and whatever else you want. Grab some Quaker Overnight Oats and try some out!

BuzzFeed / Isa D'Aniello

1. Chocolate Overnight Oats

Courtesy of Amys Healthy Baking / Via

Chocolate lovers rejoice! This recipe is the perfect way to start your day the best possible way: with chocolate!

2. Applesauce Overnight Oats

Courtesy of / Via

This recipe is simple and delicious, combining applesauce, oats, milk, and seasoning!

3. Easy Overnight Oats

Courtesy of Sonnet Lauberth, Certified Holistic Health Coach / Via

Just add some chia seeds and vanilla extract to your milk and oats — that's all this delicious recipe calls for.

4. Go-to Coconut Overnight Oats

Courtesy of Love Life Surf / Via

A dash of coconut helps to bring some natural sweetness to this jar.

5. Delicious Make-Your-Own Swiss Muesli

Courtesy of What Lisa Cooks / Via

Muesli is like overnight oats' older sister. This recipe will have your mouth content with joy.

6. Raisin Walnut Muesli (4 Ingredients)

Image Courtesy of / Via

If you like a little texture and a ton of flavor, you'll love this recipe!

7. Banana Nut Overnight Oats

Courtesy of The Seasoned Mom / Via

You'll go nuts over this simple banana nut recipe.

8. Chia Seed Overnight Oats

Courtesy of Oh Happy Dane / Via

With almonds and chia seeds, this little jar packs a serious punch.

9. Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats

Courtesy of

These familiar flavors will be a delightful start to your day!

10. Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

Courtesy of Real Food Rn / Via

If you love all things pumpkin spiced, then you will LOVE this treat — no matter the season!

When it comes to overnight oats, Quaker Oats is here to help!

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