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14 Spectacular Places To Bathe Before You Die

Think outside your bathroom and scrub down somewhere new. Next time a clog gets in your way, give it the axe with Liquid Plumr® Hair Clog Eliminator®.

1. The Hamam al-Basha Turkish Bath in Akko-Acre, Israel:

Walter Bibikow / Getty Images

2. In this open-air bathtub in Yukawa, Iwate, Japan:

http://ULTRA.F / Getty Images

3. Or this stunning beaut in the Maldives:

Caroline von Tuempling / Getty Images

4. The Wakaya Club & Spa on Wakaya Island in Fiji lets you enjoy the best of both worlds with their indoor/outdoor shower:

Holger Leue / Getty Images

5. Blue Lagoon in Iceland is rich with natural minerals and a great place to enjoy a mud bath:

El coleccionista de instantes / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: azuaje

6. You'll definitely want to hop in this blooming shower which has moss appeal:

Erik Snyder / Getty Images

7. Or at the Gellert Baths in Budapest:

Holger Leue / Getty Images

8. Channel your inner celebrity when you bathe at Cagaloglu Hamami in Istanbul:

Izzet Keribar / Getty Images

9. Take a quick dip inside this shower, found in Eureka, a colonial house and museum in Mauritius, Africa:

Altrendo travel / Getty Images

10. In an eco tub within the walls of a quaint bungalow:

Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

11. Or a completely circular tub with views of Phuket:

Kevin Miller / Getty Images

12. At the Roman Baths. Kinda...

Andy Welsher / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: confused_andy

You can't actually bathe there because the water might be contaminated, but the Thermae Bath Spa in Britain is an equally amazing experience.

13. Under an indoor waterfall in the middle of your own bathroom:

Astronaut Images / Getty Images

14. And finally, under a real waterfall, so you can become one with nature:

Sam Howzit / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: aloha75

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