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9 Ways The Army Is More Tech-Savvy Than You

The U.S. Army innovates and tests some of the most advanced gadgets around to keep everyone back home safe and sound.

1. Humanoid Robots

Boston Dynamics / / creator via

PETMAN (Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) has been used to test the clothing worn by Soldiers to protect from dangerous chemicals. It has a much larger range of motion to better anticipate any hazards that might be encountered in the field.

2. Horse-like Robots

Boston Dynamics / / creator via

These robotic "pack mules" are semiautomatic support machines which can maneuver around difficult terrain, respond to voice commands, and possibly be sent on rescue missions autonomously.

3. Haptic Navigation Belts


Army researchers have developed a vibrating haptic belt that uses GPS to help Soldiers navigate dark terrain by touch as opposed to sight-based tech that can be unreliable.

4. World Class Teams of Cyber Experts

Kapersky Labs / / creator via

Cyber warfare is becoming a larger and larger issue, so a special task force has been built out to address the problem. The Army Cyber Command supervises numerous teams working on protecting our country's networks from external threats.

5. The HULC Exoskeleton

Lockheed Martin / / creator via

The HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier) is a type of exoskeleton that is being developed to help Soldiers better carry heavy loads with minimal strain on joints and muscles.

6. PV Solar Cells


Solar panels are great, but they are quite large and hard to transport. Photovoltaic systems do the same work by generating energy from light using thin sheets rather than bulky panels. This technology allows for a much more efficient Army base generation.

7. Wireless Chargers


The plan is to charge helmet displays and mobile devices with wireless charging stations in vehicles or within two feet of a charging station. This works to untether Soldiers so they can keep equipment charged while in position.

8. Nano Satellites

Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

SNaP is a program that will allow for greater communication across larger distances for tactical correspondence. The satellites can have a much lower orbit, which will allow for weaker signals to be carried on the network.

9. Flying Trucks

Advanced Tactics / / creator via

The Black Knight Transformer is currently being tested. It combines a helicopter's ability to land anywhere and a truck's off-roading capability. This is ideal for transporting supplies or possibly people.