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23 Ways To Make Christmas Magic When You're A Grown-Up

When you stop believing in the magic of Christmas, Santa stops visiting, and you get socks instead. Keep the magic alive for another year with these tips from Visa.

It was easy to get in to the Christmas spirit when you were a kid because it was all:

But now that you're a grown-up, it's all a bit:

However, these little hints and tricks might help a germ of Christmas spirit ignite in your heart:

1. Buy a chocolate Advent calendar.

2. Or get crafty and make one.

3. Whenever you get moody at work, type Christmas + Animal + Gif in to Google images.

Because, it's the quickest way to raise your Christmas spirits and has been proven by scientists to boost your productivity.

4. Switch from tea to hot chocolate.

5. Plan your tree.

6. Or make a DIY one out of books.

7. Do grown-up versions of activities you LOVED as a kid.

8. Get your pets Christmas presents.

9. Make a (fake) fireplace.

10. Dig out your old Christmas jumper.

11. Go for a Christmas manicure.

12. Put fairy lights EVERYWHERE.

13. Only wear clothes that are glittery.

14. Mull all your drinks.

15. Make your own ornaments.

16. Hide the pickle.

17. Pull the cat off the Christmas tree for the 39th time.

Then finally give in and take a photo for Instagram because they look so cute.

18. Roast some chestnuts…

19. Make a Christmas songs playlist.

20. Get some Christmas stories on audiotape…

21. Bring out the extra-snug pyjamas.

22. Go and see a pantomime.

23. Make a list of family traditions you want to carry on.

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