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10 Undeniable Reasons A Burrito Is Better Than Your BFF

BFF = Burrito Friend Forever. Best friends are great and all, but you can't always add extra queso to your friend's face. At Qdoba, the queso is endless.

There was once a dreary and depressing time in your life when you were a small child and didn't even know what a burrito was.

But then, you grew up. You lived a little. You experienced things and tried new foods and suddenly...


You began to question everything you ever knew to be true, including thinking that your friends were supposed to be the loyal constants in your life.

1. And so you learned that burrito, quite literally, has everything you need.

2. Burrito will never leave your side or ditch you for a significant other.

3. Burrito will listen to you when you need to vent and won't interrupt with their boring problems, as your weird human friends do.

4. Burrito will like every single photo you post without hesitation.

5. Burrito will laugh at ALL of your jokes — even the bad ones.

6. Not living up to your standards? Burrito will let you change it.

7. Burrito will never wake up and tell you they're moving across the country with their family.

8. You NEVER have to worry about having a fight with burrito, because burrito’s one job is to be mouth watering and delicious.

9. And so, burrito will ALWAYS let you eat it when you’re done drooling over it.

10. But the best part about burrito is its power to resurrect! After you’ve eaten burrito, burrito ALWAYS comes back from the dead, like MAGIC!

Qdoba understands your burrito passion. So go ahead, order with abandon. Let the flavor set you free. Who needs friends when you have burrito? Mmmm. Burrito.

All images via Thinkstock and all burritos courtesy of Qdoba.