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Re-Rankable: The 20 Most Amazing Dog GIFs Of All Time

With a little TLC, it's amazing what your dog could do! Ask your veterinarian about the flea and tick protection of Frontline® Plus for Dogs.

Which dogs deserve a treat? And which are in the doghouse? Re-rank the list for yourself!

20. This master of disguise:

19. The beagle that revolutionized the game of catch:

18. This little helper that's willing to lend a paw:

17. This expert blanket:

16. This conga corgi:

15. This Cha-Cha-Chihuahua:

14. This delivery (good) boy:

13. This mom on a mission:

12. This mut muse:

11. This Duke of Hazzard:

10. This dashing dishwasher:

9. This pup that just wants a little privacy:

8. This chore hound:

7. This dude that flipped the script on the whole dog cone thing:

6. This dog that's laughing at your bath:

5. Sir Squats-a-Lot

4. This cereal killer:

3. This skateboarder collie:

2. This two-in-one magic act:

1. This scootin' pooch:

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