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17 Lessons Every Work Traveler Learns Very Quickly

Keep calm and carry-on + one personal item. Traveling for business is really about traveling to see people you do business with. Choice Hotels has the room and rewards that’ll make you glad you went.

1. When you travel with co-workers, you will begin to view them as real humans instead of just people you work with.

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2. You'll bond over things that happen OOO that no one else in the office will understand.

3. And the celebrations you share after a job well done are the stuff of legend.

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The specific details of which you will take to your grave.

4. You will learn that itemized receipts are VITAL.

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Because if you lose them, you're on the hook for one HELL of a client dinner.

5. And that this attitude toward per diem...

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...has very real consequences.

6. If you fly, you will learn that TSA Pre is absolutely 100% worth it.

7. If you drive, you will learn that drinking plenty o' fluids means you'll take plenty o' pit stops.

8. Whether you fly or drive, travel delays happen — especially when you have big plans with friends waiting for you back home.

9. Over time, you get to know hotel staff, bar staff, and restaurant owners whose establishments you frequent.

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Value these relationships! They can last a lifetime (and they come with perks!).

10. You will become oddly nostalgic for random cities you visited for business once upon a time.

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Even though it maybe wasn't the coolest place to be visiting at the time.

11. And whenever a friend is traveling to your former turf, you'll be able to give grade-A travel recommendations.


12. You will count the passage of time not by days or years, but by the age of your client's children that you hear about every so often.

13. You will learn that the weirdest people on the planet of Earth fly out of regional airports.

14. There will be this strange moment when you will realize that, because you spend so many days a year on the road, you are literally living out of a hotel.

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15. But on the bright side: When you're actually home, it sort of feels like vacation.

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16. You're able to keep in touch with friends spread across the country because you're in their neck of the woods fairly often.

17. And best of all: you can definitely get away with tagging on mini vacays with those friends to the end of work trips.

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Your secret is safe with us. 😉

Go forth and meet clients, make friends, and put it on the company card! When you choose to go for business, go to