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9 Girl Squads You Should Know About

These female collectives are giving us #squadgoals for all things music, arts, and comedy. Slayyy with your own girl squad thanks to H&M's Coachella Collection.

1. Daddy Issues

2. Nap Girls Int'l

Courtesy of Liz Garard.

With the motto "Work All Day, Disco Nap, Dance All Night," Nap Girls tackles gender inequality in the dance music industry. Starting out in L.A., Nap Girls has quickly become an international creative collective of women working at all levels within the EDM industry to support and empower one another.

3. Luna Luna Magazine

Courtesy of Aurora Rose de Crosta.

Lisa Marie Basile founded Luna Luna Magazine in 2013. Thanks to a growing community of writers, it is so much more than a "lifestyle magazine." It has unapologetic and original perspectives on everything from body positivity to witchcraft. The content is divided into "light" and "dark" content where readers can feed their good and bad sides.

4. Confetti Crowd

5. #GirlBossRadio

Courtesy of Tori Borengasser
Courtesy of Tori Borengasser
Courtesy of Tori Borengasser

Sophia Amoruso is the author of bestseller #GIRLBOSS, a book that chronicles her journey from being broke and unemployed to becoming a CEO. Now she's giving us ultimate #squadgoals with her new podcast, #GirlBoss Radio, which brings together inspiring women like Christene Barberich, Petra Cortright, and Amanda Bacon for hilarious and inspiring conversations.

6. Call Your Girlfriend

Courtesy of Aminatou Sow & Ann Friedman.

This podcast was dreamed up by long-distance besties Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. The ladies cover all things pop culture, politics, and personal and will leave you wishing they were your BFFs IRL too. Check out this episode where they discuss the best bits about summer.

7. ReQuest Dance Crew

Courtesy of The Palace Dance Studio

Hailing from Auckland, ReQuest is an all-female hip-hop dance crew originally founded by choreographer Paris Goebel when she was 15 years old. The girls have performed with superstar Jennifer Lopez and most recently gained worldwide recognition after being featured in two of Justin Bieber's music videos.

8. Disoriented Comedy

Courtesy of Disorientated Comedy
Courtesy of Disorientated Comedy
Courtesy of Disorientated Comedy

Disoriented Comedy
is the brainchild of Jenny Yang, D'lo, and Atsuko Okatsuka, who have built a network of diverse comedians and audiences with their national touring showcase. The trio focuses on celebrating and promoting women-identified Asian-American and South Asian–American stand-up comedians.

9. The Fashion Citizen

Courtesy of Stephanie Valenzuela.

Twin sisters Stephanie and Melissa Valenzuela are the fashionistas behind The Fashion Citizen. The stylish pair has garnered a huge following thanks to vlogs, which include DIY tutorials, weekly hauls, and outfits of the week.

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