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15 Animals Who Love Alberta The Most

Many wild creatures are proud to call Alberta home. You never know what species you might spot!

1. This seductive cougar posing for the perfect shot:

2. This grizzly bear checking out the idyllic scenery:

3. This bald eagle who always gets the best seat in the house:

4. These Canadian geese soaring past the rugged Rockies:

5. This beaver chomping away on the edge of his dam:

6. The white tail mom and baby deer, out for their evening stroll:

7. These hungry caribou foraging in the Tonquin Valley:

8. This young red fox taking a break on a fallen branch:

9. This wolverine on his feet all day exploring his stunning surroundings:

10. This blue heron spreading his wings for takeoff:

11. This baby lynx, who can't believe he gets to call this place home:

12. This happy blue jay who gets all of the tourists' leftover peanuts to himself:

13. This introspective elk pondering his own reflection:

14. This badger walking through the pasture at dusk:

15. And this wolf howling about how happy he is to be in Alberta:

Better head to Alberta this summer to see how many wild animals you can spot!

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