16 Things That Just Don’t Matter As Much In Your Thirties

You don’t sweat the small stuff. And you take care of yourself where it counts, like using Youth Code™ Pore Vanisher™ from L’Oréal.

1. Dieting.

You eat everything in moderation, but also… you eat everything.

2. Whether to finish the bottle of wine or not.

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So… what’s the problem?

3. Going out on a Friday night.

There’s no shame in staying home and marathonning a TV show with your cat. No. Shame. At. All.

4. What you look like on the dance floor.

Who cares. You dance for you now.

5. Whether he’ll text you back.

For some reason, agonizing over text messages has lost its appeal. Go figure.

6. Gossip.


You know who you are. You know who your friends are. You’re untouchable.

7. Fitting in.

Who wants to fit in when they’re this awesome? You’re a glorious thirtysomething unicorn.

8. What’s “trendy” or “trending.”

You’ve seen enough trends come and go to give you whiplash. Besides, you like to think of your style as timeless.

9. New bands.

Your heart is in the ’90s, and that’s where it will always stay.

10. Riding the subway to save money on cabs.

Comfort trumps money. You’ve seen enough subway weirdos for two lifetimes.

11. Whether you’ll ever pay off your student loans.

You’ve blissfully let go. Life’s too short to worry about it. (Wine helps.)

12. Homemade beauty products.

You like your face. You suddenly find yourself more attached to it. Saving a buck doesn’t matter so much as quality skincare.

13. What your ex is up to.


They were dumb enough to pass on you, and so you’re smart enough to pass on them.

14. Pictures of yourself on social media.


It’s all for fun and means nothing. You get that.

15. What people think of you.

You finally know who you are. They can take it or leave it.

16. Pants.

Definitely optional.

Some things just don’t matter anymore, but skincare always does, like using Youth Code™ Pore Vanisher™ from L’Oréal.

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