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11 Things You Wish Your Boss Would Do Better

What is the number one thing your boss could do better? Be Marcus Lemonis. The business mogul and host of CNBC’s hit show The Profit is back with a new series, The Partner.

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1. Give you opportunities to kill it.


If your boss wants you to rise to the occasion, first he needs to provide you with an occasion to rise to.

2. Call you out on your bullsh*t — constructively.

A good boss will allow you room to make mistakes. A great boss will help you learn from your mistakes.

3. Respect that learning a new skill takes time.

Progress is a process that requires bosses to be patient and understanding.

4. Give credit when it’s due.

If you have a demanding but fair boss, nothing feels better than their sincere praise.

5. Take charge of meetings so they actually serve a purpose.


If you leave a meeting more confused than when you entered, your boss needs to take a page from Marcus's playbook and set a clear agenda. Wishy-washy communication benefits no one.

6. Take control of workplace conflict.


When communication breaks down or personalities clash, the best bosses step in to keep the problem from spiraling out of control.

7. Identify your strengths and weakness to help you succeed.

Bosses like Marcus know that their success is tied to their employees' success, so they make an effort to help their employees excel.

8. Help you foster a sense of purpose in your work.


Successful bosses — bosses like Marcus Lemonis — know that people do their best work when they feel like their work matters.

9. Establish clear metrics for success.


Feelings aren't facts — or good for business. Managers who set clear, data-based goals give their employees the structure they need to succeed.

10. Think about your individual career trajectory as carefully as they do their business.

A thoughtful boss will help you craft a meaningful career with real potential for growth, not just do a good job.

11. Remember you have a life outside of work.


The best bosses know that respect is a two-way street and treat their employees and partners like people, not automatons.

Boss up by being more like Marcus and watch the premiere of his new competition series, The Partner. Ten contestants compete for the opportunity of a lifetime, a $500,000 contract and equity stake in Marcus Lemonis’s growing empire. The Partner premieres Tuesday, March 7, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, only on CNBC!

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