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12 Exciting Trips To Book Today If You’re Feeling Completely Meh About Life

We're so over 2016. So start 2017 right and book a flight with British Airways!

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Did the end of the year sneak up on you? Are you a bit of a workaholic? Unsure how to use up those last few days? One of these trips will be the perfect antidote to everything that ails you.

1. Enjoy castles, calm, and the best custard tarts Europe has to offer in Lisbon.

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Lisbon is the coastal capital city of Portugal. The city boasts a rich history, scenic buildings, excellent seafood, and nearly year-round sunshine. It's also an affordable trip, and only two and a half hours away from London by plane.

Must sees include the Moorish Castelo de São Jorge, the beaches outside of town at Estoril and Cascais, and the café Pastéis de Belém. Oh and don’t forget to try the egg custard tart! Book your trip here.

2. Have a wild week in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

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New Orleans is the perfect destination if you're looking to blow off some steam. This year, Mardi Gras falls on the 28 Feb. If all-day partying isn't your thing, New Orleans' scenic French Quarter offers a funky and fun respite from your regular life. Feast on cajun food like po'boys and gumbo or venture outside of the city to see historic plantation homes. Book your trip here.

3. Explore pubs, museums, and rugby stadiums in the city of Dublin.

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Dublin is just an hour away by plane. The city has great theatre, shopping, and museums. Highlights include the Trinity College library, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and all the beer you can drink in Temple Bar. You can also stroll through the lovely gardens of St. Stephen's Green. Throw in a brewery or distillery tour — and maybe some rugby at one of Ireland's major stadiums — and you've got a full weekend! Book your trip here.

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Feeling lost? Confused? We all get that way sometimes. These trips will give you some peace and time to learn your priorities and restore clarity to your life.

4. Be at peace in the city of Muscat.

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Nestled between the mountains and the gulf of Oman, Muscat is an elegant city filled with Arabic architecture and beautiful scenery. Here you can explore the street markets in Muttrah, visit grand palaces and mosques, hike through the mountains, visit the desert, and even explore coves along the beach.

All in all, Muscat's austere streets and stunning scenery are the perfect place to find yourself. And if you hope to find yourself at the bottom of a bottle, head to Qurm, where the hotels serving western expats have bars. Book your trip here.

5. Space out in Marfa, Texas.

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This psychedelic slice of the American Southwest is renowned for its art scene. Here you can go glamping in a far-out trailer park and sample some classic Tex-Mex food while viewing strange art installations. You might even contact the alien lifeforms that are rumoured to inhabit these night skies. Stay up late to see these extraterrestrial Marfa Lights. Book your trip here.

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Are you soldering through the same day every day? Sometimes you really need to shake things up to remind yourself why you like your life. We've curated a few exciting trips that will give you a taste of adventure.

6. Visit Dubrovnik and experience yacht life along the Croatian Riviera.

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After stopping in Dubrovnik, an ancient sea town enclosed within walls, you can travel farther north along the coast along the Croatian Riviera and discover small seaside towns, quiet islands, secluded beaches, and coastal party culture.

This is an area renowned for its beautiful bays, excellent seafood, and stunning architecture. Take a refreshing swim and then enjoy some local wine in the sunshine. Consider chartering a boat for an unforgettable tour of the region. Book your trip.

7. Eat your way through the streets of Shanghai.

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Shanghai is a mecca for someone looking for an urban getaway. China's largest city has world-class shopping, eating, and a 24-hour nightlife. Here the modern skyscrapers of contemporary China rise from the ancient city streets filled with street food vendors.

There's almost too much to explore in Shanghai, but be sure to sample the city's must-eat dishes: soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, eel noodles, and so, so much more. Book your trip here.

8. Fly to LA then drive through the desert to Las Vegas, Fear and Loathing–style.

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Buy a one-way flight into Los Angeles and spend a couple of days exploring Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach, and the Hollywood Hills. Then rent a car and drive through the Mojave Natural Preserve (the scenic route!) to Las Vegas. Party for a night or two and then fly out of Vegas back home. Please note: Attorney sidekick not included, but encouraged. Book your trip here.

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Are you feeling pale and weak after sunless winter? Feeling Vitamin D deficient? Or do you just feel like lounging around after a stressful holiday season? We've got you covered.

9. Fall off the map in Mauritius.

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Mauritius is the exotic beach destination of your dreams. Here you can enjoy pampering in a luxury hotel or explore island jungles and climb mountains. In either case, you can't avoid the miles of pristine beaches. Consider snorkelling the reefs, going on a big cat–spotting tour in the jungles, or tour a traditional rum distillery. Island hotels offer all the golf and spa treatments you can take.

At some point you will pinch yourself and say "this place can't be real". Book your trip here.

10. Take a low key beach holiday in Bari, Italy.

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Bari is a unique coastal city on the Adriatic sea. It's small and quaint, with a few impressive cathedrals and art galleries. The main attraction here is the simple, untouristy atmosphere. Escape to Bari when you want the beach without the beach crowds. After a few quiet days, you can visit the suburb of Torre a Mare for night out. Book your trip here.

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Do you want to lose yourself in a fantasy world? Is real life too dull? Consider these destinations if you want to be transported to another world.

11. Drift through the canals of Venice.

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Venice has been the backdrop for movies ranging from action-adventure blockbusters to romantic films. The scenery along the canals is simply stunning, surpassed only by the city’s incredible history. This is one destination that deserves a place on your bucket list. Mise en scène for days! Book your trip here.

12. Or soak up some neon in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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Shinjuku is a commercial district of Tokyo. Walking through these streets, you'll feel as though you've strayed onto the set of Lost in Translation or your favourite cyberpunk anime. Tokyo has many neighborhoods to explore, so no need to stay in Shinjuku's madness if you'd prefer a more authentic experience in a smaller, trendy area. Regardless, it's definitely worth seeing. Book your trip here.

Don’t let the season get you down. Book a trip with British Airways and make your 2017 a year of discovery, adventure, or relaxation.

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